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Play Along! :) Or Whatever…

I had no idea that people did blog nominations, but it sounds like it could be fun!  Jess from www.objessions.com nominated me, but I have to admit that I may not completely follow the rules here.  I am supposed to list 11 random facts about myself, answer the questions she gave me, and then come up with another 11 questions for other people I nominate.  I’ll do the first two, but since, so far, I am not familiar enough with my bloggers to nominate someone right away, I’m not going to do so.  HOWEVER, I will come up with 11 questions for anyone to answer in the comments section, and we’ll pretend I nominated those people!  Sound good?

(One other thing—this reminds me of those old emails that used to be forwarded all over the place!  Remember the ones with a billion questions that you’d answer and then send back to whoever sent it, and then you’d forward them on for the next person?   Until this nomination, I had forgotten those existed!!  I used to enjoy them….so we’ll see how much I enjoy this new version!)

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I love singing!  Anyone who knows me knows that fact. BUT, I remember listening to music as a young girl, and since my singing voice was a soft one, I couldn’t hear myself if I sang the melody with the song.  So, I would sing other notes around the melody that fit it.  THUS, I learned to sing harmonies at an early age, by accident, just so I could hear myself sing along.

2.  I have my dog cuddled up to me right now (Coda, the Schipperke), and my cat (Buddy Van Bizzle Dizzle)  taking a tongue-bath inside a laundry basket to the left of us.

3.  I hate it when the floor of the bathroom is wet.  I also don’t like when the mirror fogs up, so I always shower with the door open.

4.  When I was a child, I was completely obsessed with owning all of the “Littlest Pet Shop” play-sets.  Now, I can only remember the name of the first one I ever got.  It was a cat whose magnetic head chased a magnetic mouse.  The cat’s name was “Miles”.

5.  In kindergarten, I was homeschooled, but my mom accidentally taught me through third grade…all while in “kindergarten”.

6.  I could eat pizza or Tex-Mex any and every day of the week.

7.  I never knew the word “fuck” existed until I was 15-16 years old.

8.  I once visited our Capitol Building on a Sunday by train….and accidentally caused several policemen and fire-trucks to arrive that day…twice.  There may or may not be long, lost footage of me pounding a gavel where a judge would normally sit on a weekday.

9.  I am 30 years old, and still have never been gambling at a casino.  I don’t mind.

10.  My first horror movie that I ever watched was at a friend’s house.  It was “Scream”. I ended up eating an entire bag of peanut butter cups that night during the movie, and so I was miserable the rest of the night.  I still enjoy that corny flick.

11.  I have incredibly GIGANTIC big toes.

To answer Jess’s questions:

1. What was the last concert you went to?  Favorite concert?

           My last concert was Buzz Beachball last Friday.  My favorite concert was probably Beachball last year, though.

2. What is your favorite place in the United States that you have been to?

          So far, probably New York City.

3. What is your all-time favorite book? Movie?

          I am such a fickle person, and I have a hard time picking a favorite when there are SO MANY GREAT choices!  I do happen to enjoy most books by Dean Koontz.  I also adore the Lucky Santangelo series by Jackie Collins.  Fave movie?  Okay, Jess, you’re asking multiple questions per question…isn’t that like cheating???  I can’t pick a favorite movie.  Again too many choices.  The most recent movies I bought were “Far and Away” and the second, most recent “Star Trek” (I still have to finish that one, though.)

4. Share a picture…(wait…that’s not a question, Jess…that’s a DEMAND!) lol

5. How much time (on average) do you spend on the internet per day?..

          TOO MUCH….maybe…probably.

6. What is your favorite genre of food?


7. What has been your favorite birthday?  What did you do that made it so special?

          Last year, my 29th birthday, was amazing, because to celebrate, my dad took me on a road trip to Chicago. SO FUN!!!!

8. What is your favorite song RIGHT NOW?

          HONESTLY, my favorite song at the moment is an original done by @Rizzimyers called “Light in the Dark”  It is AMAZING!! If you’re reading this, STOP…and go check it out. :) Yes, that’s her Twitter handle, and yes, she’s also on Youtube.

9. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

         I’ve always been more of a night owl, but in the past year, I’ve forced myself to become more of a morning person..slightly.   Okay, I’m still grumpy in the mornings, but at least it’s not to the point of “DEATH SCOWL” like it used to be.

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?

          Unwarranted anger.

11. What’s your favorite post you’ve ever written?

         Ummmm……I love ALL MY POSTS the same!!!! ;)


1. If you had a pet dragon, what would you name it?

2. If you had to lose a limb, which one would you choose?

3.  How tall are you; how tall do you WANT to be?

4. What is the craziest thing you’ve done/seen……..in the past month?

5. Which is better: Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

6.  When is the last time you swung on a swing-set?

7.  If a pan-handler has a hilarious sign that literally makes you laugh aloud, would you donate money to that person?

8.  What is one of your guilty pleasures?

9.  What is your favorite time of day…besides 5;00?

10.  If you could have ANY view out your bedroom window, what would it be?

11.  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Okay! PHEW! Done.  Feel free to play along!  OR don’t!  I’m hoping to be entertained by your answers, but don’t worry!  My hopes aren’t raised super high…….just kinda….HI!

Hot As Ice #leahwouldramble

All I needed were two ice cube trays; they were the final component in my ingredients for “Sunday Food Prep”, five days ago.   

 Dead set on my quest to have freezer smoothies as part of my food prep, I added the trays to last week’s Thursday grocery list.  There were three possible areas I knew of in the grocery store where I thought I could find ice cube trays.  To my dismay, not one area held the required item.  After double-checking with a Price Chopper associate, my fears were confirmed.  At this point, it was no matter, because I still had two days until Sunday to find them….somewhere.

Last Sunday arrived, and I knew where I could go.  “Big Lots—they MUST have them!” I thought.  The Hubbs and I searched a few aisles before approaching someone about them.  They directed us to the other end of the store, where our labors continued to provide no fruit!  Another employee then pointed us in another direction, and like little, lost puppies, we followed.  Again, no ice cube trays.  It had seemed all was lost, and we had spent 25 minutes wandering around in vain. 

Then FINALLY, in our last moments, when we’d almost given up, we spotted them.  3 trays in a pack, and one of those packages were ALL OURS!  With giddiness and a sense of accomplishment, we bought the ugly ice cube trays.  It had only taken a total of about 60 minutes within three days to find them! (An hour of life wasted on the search for ice cube trays.)

Fast-forward to last night.  It’s grocery night again, and I’ve returned to Price Chopper.  Unfortunately, my mood at this point in time can be described as “stabby”, since I all really wanted to do was kick things over and make a mess of anything in my path!!  After making it through the produce section successfully (meaning, I didn’t throw fruit at anyone or squeeze any bananas into oblivion), I meander past the “seasonal aisle”. 

BEHOLD!!!!!  ICE CUBE TRAYS!!!!  And NOT ONLY are they in the spot I’d looked for them just a week prior, but they are cheaper than the ones we bought, and they are BEAUTIFULLY COLORED!…

While screaming at the top of my lungs, I plucked each of the green trays from their hanging spot, and chucked it as hard as I could towards the produce section.  “You’re GREEN!! GO LIVE WITH YOUR GREEN RELATIVES!”  Then the orange ones, I threw across the ENTIRE STORE in a perfect spiral just like a football!  I then dropkicked all the blue ones towards the meat counter. “You want ICE?? I’ll give you ICE!!” All the rest of the rainbow colors, I slammed to the ground and then began jumping up and down on them, smashing them into tiny little pieces, so the ground looked as if it was covered in sharp, plastic confetti! 

“Where were you last week when I was looking for you??  What kind of cruel joke IS THIS???  NOW, YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!  BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(zoom out)

I snap back to reality, escaping my PMS-induced imaginary rampage!

Took a deep breath…and continued shopping….

#leahwouldramble Do a Happy Dance!

Friday was a blast!  It involved me and my husband, Heather and her BF and her buddy, and Heidi and her Fiancé.  This is merely my side of the night’s story…

 We started early in the afternoon on a rooftop patio, with plates full of spicy nachos, hot wings, and potato boats.  Then, of course, there were the tasty libations.  I am a fan of beer, so I started out my drinking for the evening in a small way…three beers, and NONE of them light.  Then I thought, “Fuck that plate of nachos!  I don’t need no damn dinner!”  (And yes, that thought was in a sort of Southern twang accent.) I was already feeling a bit carefree.

 Eventually, when the need to relieve myself became urgent, I made my way to the restroom, which for some weird reason involved walking completely around the entire restaurant.  I thought it was odd that it was a single restroom…behind the cash register.  Upon reflection, I feared this may have been reserved for the employees, but at that point, it was too late.  That’s right; my piss—all in their toilet bowl!

A later trip with Heather to take another pee-break revealed that there was, indeed, another bathroom with multiple stalls.  It was hidden in the basement, after taking three staircases down, and passing a mysterious room full of various unused/discarded items.  (Seriously, it looked like a dusty flea market in that room!)  Was I expected to find this bathroom before…seriously?? How the hell was I supposed to know!?  I didn’t even see a bathroom SIGN!

 (There was probably a sign.)

When it became time to head over to our next location, my bladder was happily empty, and my tummy was happily full…of beer, with a few floating “nacho rafts”.  At our 2nd stop, we all shared some colorful fishbowls.  They…were…delicious!!!  And the neon straws were pretty exciting as well.  The best part was the fact that this is where my Hubbs joins us.  It was probably a good idea to have a sober/level head around at this point.

Then at our 3rd stop, we enjoyed cups full of more beer.  These cups were larger than my head…literally!  There was some pizza bought at this point, but I still had the “F*ck Food; I want this alcohol to do WORK!!” attitude.  I don’t remember how long we were on the roof of Kelly’s, but I know I liked it.

And finally…we reached our final destination for the evening.  I warned everyone that I didn’t know how to dance.  Oh, sure, I can keep a beat and move my hips with the music, but that’s the extent of it.  I know no dance moves, no tango, no cha-cha, not even a two-step!  Apparently, these facts go RIGHT OUT the window after a few cocktails and a happy night.  

The following may or may not be in perfect order and may or may not be slightly exaggerated.  This is how I was SURE things went down while there (and in parenthesis/italics is how it ACTUALLY looked):

“Wooooo! Let’s get this party started!!”  I holler to my girls as I sashay onto the dance floor. 

(“Woooo! Woooooo! (garbled incoherent something something) Wooooo!!” I yell to anyone who happens to be in a 50 ft radius as I stumble onto the dance floor, then back off the dance floor, then onto it again.)

While dancing, a well-known rap song comes on, and while shaking my ass, I’m rapping every single word perfectly with the artist playing over the speaker, surely impressing anyone around me.

(While ATTEMPTING to stay standing on heels while swaying hips, 2Pac’s “California” comes on.  “Wooooooooooooooooo!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!  Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!”  I mumble every fourth or fifth word AS IF I know the entire song, and stand perfectly still for 3 seconds in the middle of the dance floor just so I can try to remember it…then I shake my ass, while a few fellow dancers back away, frightened.)

While dancing, in a stunning and AMAZING display of grace and poise, I toss my purse into the air, do an awesome spin on my heels, then I catch my purse after my 180-degree turn.

(I start to trip over my heels and chuck my purse onto the ground and across the floor, then spin a few steps sideways, accidentally, while almost landing on my butt, and manage to scoop my purse back up off the ground and stagger back onto my feet as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.)

I notice a young woman on the edge of the dance floor who is wearing a crown.  She looks like she really wants to dance, so I ask her why she isn’t out there with all of us other girls.  She replies that her friends aren’t too into dancing, so I take her hand, and bring her over to join our group.  After all, since she is obviously celebrating one of her last free nights as a Bachelorette; she should REALLY rejoice to the fullest!

(I “dance” towards  a girl wearing a crown, who I assume is a bachelorette, and drag her onto the dance floor.  She is not a bachelorette.  She has just turned 21 and is out legally for the first time with her friends.  As she looks around with wide eyes because she doesn’t know how to respond, I continue to scream, “WOOOO!!! BACHELORETTE TURNED 21…DANCE…Us…YAH!! WOOOOO!!!! (some other garbled nonsense)”  She escaped me 5 minutes later, but not before I could photo-bomb at least one of her friends’ pictures.)

I am back to dancing with Heidi and Heather, and we are all smiles!

(I am back to moving around like a dumbass with Heidi and Heather, and we are all smiles!)

At this point, I’ve decided to bust out a new dance move that I totally made up all on my own, AT THAT very second.  It’s so clever and fun!  I call it ‘The Marionette’, because I basically move my hand in a way that suggests my legs are hooked to strings from somewhere, and then I hold my puppeteer hand over Heather so I can “control the robotic” movements.  Totally Fresh! Totally new!! Everyone is impressed!

(Without any explanation at all, I high-knee walk towards Heather, and then I hold my hand in a claw type shape over her head.  As she looks up, she is yelling the question, “Jellyfish??”, wondering what the f*ck I am doing.  What kind of signal am I making with my hand?  It really does just look like a jellyfish type motion or a 5 legged octopus inking all over the place. I respond loudly, “MA-nette see yah??”   My movements are questionable, at best, and as I glance around, smiling, our significant others are watching from the side, laughing their asses off at me.)

I sing along with any song I know at the top of my lungs.  Everyone is thrilled to hear me!

(I sing along with any song that I know and that I don’t know at the top of my lungs.  Nobody even notices.)

I drop it like it’s hot.

(I fall on my ass.)

While standing back up, I whip my hair around smoothly, while maintaining all of my composure, and continue to move like a pro.

(I fling my hands towards my hair to get it out of my face and manage to knock my earring to the ground, and then step on it, breaking it in half, before snatching it from the ground and sticking it in my pocket.   I stumble to my knees again, before heaving myself back up off the floor and have a near meltdown due to the broken jewelry, then keep dancing, because what else can I do?)

After about nine hours of drinking, celebrating, etc, I felt it was time to go.  My husband and I walked happily to the truck to go home.  An evening well spent!

(After about nine hours of all the celebrating, my husband spends 20  minutes convincing me that it’s time to leave, and after exiting the bar  I unevenly walk towards the truck, barefoot, and serenading all of Westport with a song that no one can understand, but me.)