Random Rambles-Googles #leahwouldramble

Another tiny example of how my mind/logic works: (I apologize in advance.)

As evil and manipulative and full of espionage as it is, I really enjoy Google.  I USE it often.  I think this MIGHT stem from my childhood.  Let me explain.  As a young girl, my favorite toys were stuffed animals, “Littlest Pet Shop” sets, and “My Little Pony” horses (with sparkly hair OF COURSE).  One day, while prowling through a vast number of garage sales with my mother (and 5 other kids), I discovered a football sized, cream-colored, stuffed platypus.  I immediately loved it, and it was purchased for approximately 10 cents.  That was the best 10 cents ever spent, because he remained my favorite stuffed animal for years!  I named him, “Googles”.  Perhaps, this is a subconscious reason for my loving Google so much.  The search engine IS my long-loved platypus. 

Therefore, if I need to find out some info, I’ll be sure “Platypus” it.

2 thoughts on “Random Rambles-Googles #leahwouldramble

  1. While I had no stuffed animal with a similar name, I share your Google abusage. It’s my homepage on my home browser & mobile. If I have a question about anything, I can get the answer pretty quickly. I love Platypus!

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