Ants & Cream #leahwouldramble

If I were a mere six inches tall, this morning would have seemed like either a horror movie or an end-of-the-world experience.  There were at least ten different spots along the sidewalk/trail I noticed during this morning’s jog that were SWARMED with tiny, reddish-brown ants!  And I mean, I’d think,

“Oh look…someone dropped a giant clump of dirt on the sidewalk…wait…it’s…moving??”  (Here’s where the freaky, suspenseful music happens during horror scene!)

 I’ve NEVER seen that on the trail in the mornings before…and we have run there MANY times.  WTF happened to bring them all out??  I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t feel like sticking around, in case they decided to swarm UP MY LEG!


There is a basket used to hold coffee creamer cups in the kitchen.  When the French Vanilla flavor runs out or runs low, I replenish it with the extras held in a box…on the top shelf of a cabinet.  This is one point in my day where being short is a downfall.  I have to stand on tip-toes, and gently nudge the box towards me until it tilts off the shelf, and then grasp it on the sides as it begins to fall.  One of these days, it is extremely likely that I will miss my grip, consequently spilling creamer cups all over my head and onto the floor around me.  Then I will stand there, frozen to that spot amidst all the creamers for at least 5 seconds, with a dumbfounded look on my face that reads, “Oh look at that!  Gravity works today!”

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