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Wonka Fat Rolls! #leahwouldramble

This morning, I think I would equate how I feel physically to the girl named Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, after she eats that gum that turns her into the giant blueberry, minus the blue hue, of course.  Also, I did not chew on a Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes and blueberry pie-flavored gum, but rather, a large portion of Chinese food.  This was my indulgence last night, and it basically meant that I gave the food permission to impregnate me with a salt-baby.  Awaking at 4am and literally drinking 20 ounces of water in one sitting did not even sway the bloating powers of the sodium ocean inside me!  I am sure the fact that this morning was the first workout I have had in six days didn’t help with my feelings of fatness!

It’s a good thing that every day is a new today, and today, regardless of all my salt I need to slough away, I am feeling good!  I’m feeling better than I have in days, mentally and emotionally!  (It’s amazing what a workout can do for one’s well-being.)  So bring on the day, Tuesday!!  As long as you don’t try to offer me a Chinese-meal-flavored gum, I am IN THE CLEAR! :)