Random Rambles 6-3-13 #leahwouldramble

The coffee won today’s battle.  *Rubs burnt fingers on left hand.*   I should’ve known better than to fill the mug to capacity.  Nor should I have been in such a rush to sip!


Something I’ve learned from owning pets (namely cats/dogs) is that they may be a real pain the ass sometimes, but they truly inspire a lot of happiness.  They’re often the muses for random songs made up on the spot, and they make anyone AND everyone talk at least two octaves higher than their normal voice. LOL!  Just TRY to disagree with me, and you’ll be outnumbered!


This past weekend was the Color Run, and it was a blast!  I definitely want to participate in it again next year, hopefully with the Maddster.  There were children rolling around and doing “snow angels” in the colored dust, and general merriment had by all! 

I did, however, end up with a part of my anatomy looking like that of a certain Sci-Fi movie.  After my post-run shower, where I literally scrubbed (what I thought was) every inch of my skin into oblivion, I glanced in the mirror, and seemed normal.  It wasn’t until later, as I raised my arms to blow-dry my hair, that I noticed my armpit was still a very bright blue!  I tried to take my loofah and scrub on it without making a mess, but this just ended up in the spectacle of me standing on one foot, leaning over the bathtub, and accidentally spraying droplets of water all over the floor, some of them blue.  I gave up and gave in to the idea of having an “Avatar armpit” for the day.  Also, my right ear is apparently also STILL full of blue, while my left ear is STILL full of yellow.  Good times…


Someone needs to open a business in the suburban KC area that features roller skating and bumper cars.  I would probably frequent this establishment and enjoy it JUST as much if not MORE than a seven year old.  And I would hope there would be laser lights and glitter that falls from the ceiling!!

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