Another Dream #leahwouldramble

It happened again.

Not a surprise, because it happens somewhat often.

A dream that feels real…completely and utterly real.

Most of it is a haze, but what I remember is being part of some HUGE school.  There was really strange training going on there, and at one point, I was driving a car in this gigantic, open area, and slamming my breaks often, to avoid running into all the large trucks carrying what looked like colossal missiles!  Then, whoever was in charge assigned me and four other people to be required to survive a day…completely blind.  We were going to be required to carry out certain duties like drive a vehicle, cook a scrumptious meal, and basically just SURVIVE without any help from others, relying on all of our instincts WITHOUT SIGHT.  I think the other people in my group were old friends from high school, but I can’t pinpoint who they were precisely.  I remember feeling panic and anxiety…loads of it!

Then, I awoke in real life to an earsplitting clap of thunder that jolted me from bed at 5am, feeling the same urgency, and was left wondering HOW I was going to carry out my day, blind.  Obviously, I was still half-way in dream mode because I was trying to figure out how was I going to drive to work…I thought,

”Should I practice by closing my eyes as I make my way to the restroom?   I can’t do this!  I can’t DRIVE and work on a computer BLIND!!!” 

I was seriously panicked for about 30 seconds before I realized it was all just a lingering dream.

1 thought on “Another Dream #leahwouldramble

  1. Vivid. It’s said that blind & deaf people’s other senses are heightened to compensate for the sense they lost or never had. It sounds like you were on your way to that through this Mission Impossible type of training ;). Suddenly I think of the movie Amelie & the part where she grabs the blind-man’s arm & describes the surroundings to him in great detail. So much so, it’s almost as if he can see it.

    I think it may also be a trust dream. Do you trust yourself enough to believe what your other senses are telling you & take a step? And, do you trust the other 4 to be your senses if you don’t trust yourself. It’s probably why they seemed familiar; you needed them to be to progress in the program ;).

    It’s an exciting & terrifying dream all at once when I ponder it. So I understand the anxiety. One Intense Dream.

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