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Last night, I had a really strange, very real feeling dream. There were a bunch of parts to it, like I was watching a movie, but the last bit felt like the longest storyline.

I had moved to a small town—it reminded me of Weston, MO—charming, full of history, haunting, lovely…but it wasn’t Weston. I think it was actually someplace in Alaska, perhaps. Maybe even Longyearbyen on Svalbard. (I watch too many of Sejsejlija’s videos on TikTok about that place!) It was the type of small town where everyone was familiar with all who lived there—their residences, frequent hangout spots, etc.

Moving on, though…I was at the small grocery store, waiting in line to check out with a few items, when I heard a man speaking English with some sort of accent (Russian?). He was beginning to raise his voice at an employee, because he was upset they were out of stock of eggplants. I believe I briefly met this man earlier in my dream, and he had come across as a tough guy who was generally unhappy.

I left the line and walked towards the small commotion, because it occurred to me that I had had an eggplant in my cart earlier, then had set it somewhere it didn’t belong, when I had decided I didn’t want the vegetable.

On the way over to the man and employee, I grabbed the misplaced eggplant. When I arrived to the growing argument, I interrupted and explained how there was indeed still an eggplant in stock, and that I was very sorry I had misplaced it earlier.

That is when I handed it to the man. He seemed more relieved than anything, and proceeded to tell me that he had recently lost his grandmother and wanted to cook the eggplant how she used to, in homage of her.

Then, in a strange turn, as dreams like to do, he asked if I would help him out and cook it for him, as he was not adept in the kitchen.

To sort of make up for the havoc my earlier actions inevitably contributed to, I agreed to cook the eggplant. We exchanged numbers, so he could take his other groceries home, and I could also head to my home to prepare his Grandmother’s recipe.

Next thing I know, I’m in my kitchen, talking to this man on the phone, following cooking instructions his grandmother had left him. The eggplant definitely did NOT cook like a real eggplant! When I was done, it looked more like fried “chicken of the woods” (a mushroom, Laetiporus sulphureus—-yes, I had to Google that mushroom’s name)

As it was finishing, the man walks through my front door without even knocking! I made a mental note to start keeping that door locked. He had known where I lived, because earlier in the dream, my odd residence was a huge discussion. And as I mentioned, this was the type of town where everyone knew who lived where.

I divvied up the cooked eggplant between us, and we had dinner while standing in my living room, discussing memories of the departed and other topics I can’t quite recall.

This is where the dream became really odd…

While eating, an ex boyfriend of mine (who I haven’t seen since I was 19) walked through the door and asked to join us. We finished eating, and then the man (no, I never remembered his name) left and the ex and I discussed all the repairs my apartment needed.

An aside—from what I can gather, I lived in a very small, partly renovated loft atop an old building on the Main Street. The main, HUGE window had some stretchy canvas instead of glass, and the floor wasn’t finished, so I could only walk on certain spots in my living room/bedroom—sort of like an unfinished attic.

That’s pretty much it—that’s my dream. My cat woke me, so she could be fed breakfast, before the dream’s plot could go any further.

Just Plain Weird #leahwouldramble

Last night, I had the oddest dream.  I realize I probably say that about my dreams every time I write about them, but they do seem stranger with each one.   Now before you read this, keep in mind that it makes almost NO sense, and it’s pretty creepy.  Obviously, it seemed a lot scarier to me while having it, compared to after, and writing it down now will probably make it seem pretty disjointed. 

It begins with me taking a walk down a neighborhood road.   I was on my way to visit a friend at his house.  It was a friend from school (because, apparently I was in high school or something in this dream), and I have no idea who this person is in real life.  It’s not someone who exists that I know of, and I cannot even remember his name in the dream.  Everything seemed normal at this point.

 When I walk in to the small home, I notice that the place is a mess.  There is a baby in a high chair, eating something mushy that I can’t recognize, clothes all over the living room and kitchen, plus it’s extremely dark and dusty.  There is a woman sitting on the arm of the couch, in front of the baby, and she just looks at me, but says nothing.  I am assuming this was my “friend”’s mother.  Suddenly, HE is gone—the friend vanished while I wasn’t paying attention!  I am left with only this woman in front of the baby, and some other family members sitting on the couch amongst the garbage, staring straight ahead and not acknowledging me whatsoever.  I can already tell by her distant eyes that the mother was a TOTAL nut job, and I am talking PSYCHOTIC. 

I turn to leave, but the door won’t open.  Somehow, I have become locked in this house.  I glance around the small room, and that is when the real eeriness begins.  I begin to HEAR a crunching sound, when before everything had been COMPLETELY SILENT.  (I always find it odd that I can hear, smell, taste, and see colors in my dreams.  I’m not sure if that happens with everyone, but these are the dreams that feel so real!!)

I follow the sound, and it leads my eyes to the woman.  She is chewing on something hard, and it takes me a moment to realize that she has broken her own jaw with her bare hands, and is somehow chewing and eating it.  YES…eating herself—her own mouth!!!  I am FREAKED out now, and begin searching the house for a phone.  I have no cell phone!!  SOMEONE needs to call the police!  The rest of the house is small and just as dark and dirty as the living room I first walked into.  I find a phone, but it has no signal.  I feel an urgency to save the baby…it is the only part of the family that MIGHT be normal. 

When I sneak back through the living room timidly, even though I have been seemingly invisible this entire time, I see that the woman has a jaw intact again, BUT she has somehow stabbed her head with pencils, and isn’t even bleeding!!  She looks like “The Hellraiser”, but with No 2 pencils!!  (Now THIS visual, talking about it afterwards, could actually be deemed somewhat comical…but only AFTER the fact!  During dream mode, my heart was pounding.) 

 Scared senseless, I find my way out of the back door and onto the porch, where the neighborhood that USED to be there has transformed into a giant ravine with a bunch of bluffs.  There are no stairs off the porch, and the distance when I look straight down seems to be endless!  Not only THAT, but there’s a war raging…a battle that wasn’t happening when I walked into the house, but looked like it’d been going on for days!


Not just any battle…it was a fight between FOODS!  And these foods were not of normal size…they were as big as me!!  Giant potato peels were battling a bunch of almonds and soybeans!! They were shelling them, and coiling around them like snakes, dragging them off to who-knows-where!  Screams surrounded me, and I began to get dizzy….and then I FALL!!!!!!!

At that point, I awoke….and felt BEYOND confused.

I’m not crazy—I swear………..but my dreams ARE.

Another Dream #leahwouldramble

It happened again.

Not a surprise, because it happens somewhat often.

A dream that feels real…completely and utterly real.

Most of it is a haze, but what I remember is being part of some HUGE school.  There was really strange training going on there, and at one point, I was driving a car in this gigantic, open area, and slamming my breaks often, to avoid running into all the large trucks carrying what looked like colossal missiles!  Then, whoever was in charge assigned me and four other people to be required to survive a day…completely blind.  We were going to be required to carry out certain duties like drive a vehicle, cook a scrumptious meal, and basically just SURVIVE without any help from others, relying on all of our instincts WITHOUT SIGHT.  I think the other people in my group were old friends from high school, but I can’t pinpoint who they were precisely.  I remember feeling panic and anxiety…loads of it!

Then, I awoke in real life to an earsplitting clap of thunder that jolted me from bed at 5am, feeling the same urgency, and was left wondering HOW I was going to carry out my day, blind.  Obviously, I was still half-way in dream mode because I was trying to figure out how was I going to drive to work…I thought,

”Should I practice by closing my eyes as I make my way to the restroom?   I can’t do this!  I can’t DRIVE and work on a computer BLIND!!!” 

I was seriously panicked for about 30 seconds before I realized it was all just a lingering dream.