Just a Tidbit about TM #LeahWouldBlog

Quite a few months ago, Heather emailed and asked me a “hypothetical” question.

“Do you think you would ever consider doing the Tough Mudder?”

Since I had no clue what she was talking about, I turned to Google for answers.  As I discovered what this obstacle-course was all about, my mind began to read only CHOICE words, such as “11-12 miles” and “Fire” and “You might fucking die!”.  (Okay, so that last one wasn’t actually written anywhere, but I SWEAR my brain read it at some point.)

At this point was when I replied to Heather with a tentative,


Of course, this “maybe” was actually leaning more towards a “No damn way, because I have a WILL TO LIVE!”

BUT THEN the “maybe” turned into a “Hey, we’re going to do the Tough Mudder because I’m giving it to you for your 30th birthday, Bitch!!”  Again, these words weren’t actually said, but they fit just as well.

I agreed to it.  What could 12 miles really hurt, right?  And the obstacles will just be like a miniature workout…right? Or, I could have had a period of time where I simply went insane.

The latter is likely true.

And so it was done–we were scheduled to run in the crazy non-race of obstacles with hundreds of other psychos on Saturday, September 21, 2013.

At that point, this date was still many months into the future, therefore, in my mind, it didn’t exist, because who knew!?  The world could end by then…we could have a zombie apocalypse upon us at that point!  Then, I wouldn’t have to crawl through mud, duck barbed wire, jump over fire, or into a pit of ice water.  Hmmmm….wait a second………..!!


That Saturday finally came yesterday.  Obviously, there are hundreds of posts, blogs, videos, etc. talking about the course and all of its obstacles, so I feel to write about them all now would be redundant.  At this point, you’ve surely Googled the dang thing out of curiosity, just as I did.  So, you know about the climbing, dredging, swimming, running, sweating, falling, and camaraderie that goes along with the Tough Mudder.  It’s all true.  ALL OF IT!  (I’m just beyond thankful that my contacts survived it all!)


Now, it’s Sunday.  My shoulders, neck, and back feel like the muscles are rubber bands that have been wound up tight beyond their capacity.  My feet feel like someone slammed them each with a sledgehammer.  Add on a bit of a sunburn and endless scrapes and cuts up and down my legs.

But, honestly, I’m not complaining.  I love it.  TOTALLY WORTH IT!  I would definitely do it again.

Happy day, Mister Sunday!!  You may be sore, but you’re sunny and smiling!!

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