Best Friends and Victoria’s Secret

Of ALL the items I could possibly forget….it had to be THOSE!!  *sigh*

I was determined to make it to yoga at 6:30am.  As a precaution and preparation, I packed my gym bag last night.  I had to make sure I had three outfits ready.  A workout outfit to wear to yoga (then wear again for cardio) that I could just have ready to throw on after my shower, etc, an office outfit to change into after yoga, and another “work workout” outfit to change into at 5:00 for my second job. 

Everything was laid out–I had my clothes, my shoes, my other shoes, and made a mental note to wear my snowboots, too!  I CONFIDENTLY thought I was prepared………

Fast forward to this morning.  I trekked into work, all of my bags and shit in tow, and happily joined Rebecca and Xi for some early morning enlightenment.

My “enlightenment”, however, came AFTER yoga, in the shower room, as I changed into my work attire….and discovered that I had no underwear or bra to change into!!!  FACK!

This is when I frantically texted both Heidi and Heather, pleading for ANY extra bra they might have. (I wasn’t concerned about the underwear—I can free-ball it with the best of ’em!)   I WOULD TAKE ANY SIZE, ANY COLOR, ANYTHING!!!  Because today was the day I decided to pack my new shirt (Thank you, Margo!) to wear!!  It is a cute shirt…but is also slightly sheer up top, so ‘freeballin’ with the breasticles was NOT an option!

I COULD have worn my sports bra during the morning, but after a workout, it’d be a sweaty, stinkin’ mess, and I wasn’t about to put it back on after that!

Luckily, Heather was able to deliver a couple lingerie-esque items to me in the shower room….and Heidi was able to stuff a couple in my desk drawer.  So now this place is overflowing with all the underwears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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