Aliens Are Jerks

At some point in my day, I think a giant, invisible, jerk-face alien punched me in the neck.  The offending strike left me with a pain leading from the part of my neck just behind my ear, all the way down to the top of my shoulder.

I know that a normal person might deduce that a kink in the neck could result from sleeping in an undesired position. 

This is not the cause of this particular kink, however.  My neck felt completely fine for most of the day, but around 2:30 or 3:00, the pain crept in at a rapid pace. 

The elusive martian obviously punched me several times, repeatedly.  He could get away with it, because he’s invisible.

Damn invisible aliens…I hope my anti-inflammatory that I just ingested defeats it and ALL its punching powers!!

If I awake tomorrow morning with a neck that hurts on BOTH sides, that means that the medicine merely pissed off the thing.

(I realize I am making little sense right now….can I attribute that to aliens, too?)


2 thoughts on “Aliens Are Jerks

  1. First they stole a plane, then they jack with Elwood, KS, yet they still have time to punch an innocent person in the neck… Is there anything those pesky aliens CAN’T do???

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