I’ve officially decided my stance on sprouts.

I don’t like them.

If you took dirt and dressed it up with green colors and a bow-tie, you’d have sprouts.

I allowed them on my sandwich today, thinking that they’d merely add a “crisp factor” to it. They DID, in fact, add that slight crunch….but their flavor overwhelmed any sort of ‘crisp benefit’.

Not even cream cheese was capable of hiding that horrible choice. Cream cheese is powerful too, People!!!!

1 hour later…..

I have officially annihilated the taste of “crispy plant decay” from my mouth…with Doritos.

Doritos, 1
Sprouts, 0

20 minutes later…..

I completely obliterated the Dorito breath by drinking a Lo-Carb Monster.

Doritos, 1
Sprouts, 0
Monster, 1

1 hour later…

The Monster breath has been shunned by a piece of powerful Dentyne Ice…

My point is….everything is better than sprouts…even the unhealthy shit.

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