I Am Clean!!

I shower every day, and most of the time, everything goes smoothly. The worst that might happen is a cut from shaving or soap in the eyes.

Today, however, was slightly more…challenging.

I had just washed my face, lathered the soap on myself, and had begun the chore of shampooing my hair. Unfortunately, this meant both of my hands were atop my head, scrubbing, when the occurrence struck.

At that moment, my shower head apparently had had enough…..and it came off….no….more like SHOT OFF from the fixture in the wall!!

“WHAT THE F***!?”

Luckily, I somehow managed to tap into some ninja-like reflexes, and even though I couldn’t use my hands to block it at that moment, I moved to the side so that only my leg was hit by the projectile. Of course, since the water was still on, it was SHOOTING out of the wall at 100mph! (This is merely my judgement based on the power-washer-like pressure with which it was hitting my flesh.)

I scrambled to turn the water off, and I succeeded. I then picked up the shower head and its pieces from the ground and attempted to go about the task of re-hooking it to the wall. I’m not sure WHY I tried, because that is an impossible task when one is covered in soap and shampoo and water. I didn’t care!! I attempted anyways!! I was determined to finish my damn shower!!

After re-fastening it to the fixture, I triumphantly turned the water back on.


It worked for a least two seconds before flying off again! Water was spraying everywhere!! More scrambling to turn the water off didn’t save my walls from being streaked with the backsplash of fury water.

After the water shooting ended….I took a deep breath….at least I survived the shower rebellion.

Bath time…..

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