A Few Rando Thoughts, 6-8-15

A Few Rando’ Thoughts Throughout my Day:

1. After watching all three Jurassic Park movies this past weekend, the incessant noises from the construction equipment outside of my building sound like dinosaurs. I’m just waiting for a velociraptor to slam through one of these doors and chomp off one of my limbs.

2. Sometimes, sitting in a chair that CAN spin…makes one feel the NEED to spin. So one does…a few times around and around…and around…or at least until the company lawyer walks up during your rotational fun and gives you a strange look. Back to work!

3. I find it odd that “Fiend” and “Friend” are different by one, little letter. Was this on purpose?

4. I’ve begun to track my water each day. My goal is to drink 100-120 ounces per day. This equates to roughly 6.25-7.5 of those generic 16 oz bottles each day. I track them with a VERY fancy-schmancy method: the Post-It method. Basically, I put a tic mark down for each bottle of water I finish. Of course, I only have my Post-Its at work, so I try to consume my water through my work day, and anything after that, I figure is bonus water! There are two things I’d like to say in regards to this:

a. If, by 4:00, I have only consumed half my water, it becomes a race to the clock to chug those last few bottles, and this results in a killer need for a bathroom break that strikes PRECISELY when I’m in my car, stuck in traffic.

b. Bonus water should taste like magical, sugary snowcones.

5. I have a philosophical question: If I eat Pringles with my eyes shut, and no one else sees me do it, either, does it still count towards my daily caloric intake?

6. Some advice: Don’t eat food with your eyes closed while at work. You COULD end up with cheesy flavor dust down your front and a fellow coworker walking up while you do it, which may lead them to believe you’re having a love affair…..with chips…..that may or may not be true.

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