They’re Everywhere

I decided to spend my lunch break away from my desk, and since the temperature outside is nice, I headed to my car.  I opened the windows and set the seat back to relax, breathe the fresh air, and play my recent, shameful addiction (Candy Crush….please, no comments.).

It didn’t take long for me to realize I wasn’t alone.  I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and when I turned to see what caused the movement, I found him.

A small, fuzzy spider.  I grew up calling this type of spider a “jumping spider”, but I don’t know if that is accurate. Basically, if an ewok was a spider, it would be one of these.

He had crawled inside my car through the open window and was exploring the underside of my windshield.  At first, this was funny, because a small insect was on the OUTSIDE of my windshield within the spider’s view, and Mr. Fuzzy, the spider, was chasing it. AS IF he could bite through the glass to capture that bug! Ha! Silly Mr. Fuzzy…

After a few minutes, I realized that he was wondering around and didn’t know how to exit my car.

Damn! Now I had to sit there and hope he didn’t actually jump off the windshield and onto me!

I debated on what to do. I could squash him, and leave a mass of guts and glory on the glass!  What could I use? My shoe, perhaps… it is a traditional weapon against arachnids….. but before I decided to possibly do this, Mr. Fuzzy moved down and out of reach.

I began to panic. 

I threw water on him…..he didn’t budge.  

Then, I tried blowing really hard so he would think a storm was coming and need to escape this strange place.

This was still to no avail. Not to mention the fact that the woman who walked by me to enter her car probably wondered what the heck I was doing…

I kept careful watch as he moved around in that crevice of the windshield…and then… I SWEAR HE LOOKED AT ME!!!

I sat there, eye to eye with this ewok-spider, and I think he laughed!

Little bastard!

I couldn’t stay there any longer! I had to escape before he inevitably catapulted his fuzzy butt onto me and bit my face as revenge for my laughing at him earlier.

I rolled up the windows and escaped back into the building.

Of course, now that I am here, I dread returning to my car, because Mr. Fuzzy could be lurking ANYWHERE!

Shit. What have I done!??

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