Stars of the Crowd

Being in a band means I get to see a vast array of people.  Most of the time, they are normal folks, just out and about, having a good time!  And other times, I get little “gems”.

A few weeks ago, there was a woman who entered the bar, and for whatever reason, she thought that pantyhose could substitute for pants.  I’m not talking opaque tights here…I’m talking SHEER PANTYHOSE!  (Thank God she wore underwear underneath them….)

There are a few reasons I came up with that could possibly explain this.

One, she mistook the pantyhose for jeggings and literally thought it was okay to leave the house like that.  I find this one hard to believe, considering she was a much older gal.  (I’m talking gray-haired, typical grandma age…)

Two, she actually started the night with pants and/or a skirt, and somehow due to inebriation, she lost them along the way.

Or Three, she forgot her meds that day.

Then a couple weeks ago, we played at one of our regular places.  People must’ve been in a rowdy mood that night, because a total of three of them were thrown out of the bar, including a one armed man, who had decided he could hit on a taken woman.  A cowboy chased him out.

And finally, there was this past weekend. I sang at three different venues, and at the last one, there was a young man who I’d like to call the “Creepy Spaniard”.  Self explanatory.  Luckily, I had body guards.

The live music world….It’s forever interesting….

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