Parking Spaces

This is about how I felt when my day began:



Parking Garage Post Pic 1 Happy Me

As you can easily see, I had all the possible happy things happening in those moments.

This lasted most of the morning, but then I had a visitor at my desk.  It was our security guard from downstairs who decided to give me a head’s up about my car…..

First, let’s rewind a bit:

Awhile back, my car had been dented by someone else’s while parked in my work building’s garage.  Unfortunately, by the time I arrived to my car, not only had the damage been done, but the offender had left.  There was nothing I could do about it.

Eventually, someone mentioned to me that level 4 of the parking garage didn’t have many parkers.  Not only that, but almost everyone parked on the lines, allowing only enough room for two cars between each set of pillars (instead of three), which also allowed plenty of space between said cars so that gigantic dents in the sides of vehicles could be completely avoided.

I began parking on level 4.  At first, I stayed within the lines of the parking space, out of habit.  But then….after time….I realized that almost everyone else parked on the lines!  There was plenty of room!  IT WAS UTTER FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!  Suddenly…I could do…..


Parking Garage Post Pic 2 Freedom Park

And so it was…that everything in the magic kingdom of Leah-Land was at peace and full of joy.

Then last week, as I mentioned, I had a visitor from our very kind-hearted security guard:

Parking Garage-Victor the Angel

He had come to warn me of some evil forces that had come to take away my freedom!

A certain group of females from a different floor in the building had begun to complain about people not parking in the lines, because, so they say, they couldn’t find a place to park!

Parking Garage-Evil Baishes

(This depiction is a complete guess, since I don’t know the witches’ names…)

I know what they were saying was bullshit, because I see places to park every day, even when I arrive late.  In fact, this is the EXACT view of the top floor of our parking garage:

Parking Garage- Level 5 pic

That’s level 5, and it looks like that EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Not only were the hag-beasts complaining, but they managed to compile a list.  A LIST!!!!  In other words, they spent their time walking around the garage and writing down every license plate of vehicles that were parked ON the lines.  (This includes almost EVERY car or truck, on the 4th floor.)  I have to say that someone has too much time on their hands…

Luckily, the warning given to me by the Security Guard afforded me the ability to avoid being banned from the garage.

Unfortunately, the freedom I had was ripped away.

Maybe I’ll start parking on level 5…..ON THE LINES!!!!!!

Because then I win. *grin*

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