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During the week, I feel like I am a responsible person when it comes to eating, for the most part.  I pack my lunch, making sure to have my proteins and veggies and nuts, etc for each meal.  I plan on what to make for dinner (unless I’m working that night), and I tend to steer clear of dessert.

Then, the weekend hits.

Generally, I think my brain goes into “zombie mode”.  I know that when most people refer to this, they may be talking about someone who hasn’t slept much and isn’t thinking clearly.  In this case, I’m talking about the “I see what I want to eat and I will chase after it and bite anything and everything in my way” mode.

This is my only explanation for last night.  After working during the afternoon/evening, then going to band practice, and THEN heading home, it had been a full NINE hours since my last meal!!  That is 20 days* in Zombie-time!!!!!

I arrived home and stormed through the door.  I saw NOTHING around me!! Not my husband, not my cutesy kitty cat, and not even my furry pup-dog!  I COULDN’T LOOK AT THEM, LEST I TRY TO EAT THEM!!!!! 

The first thing I could grab to devour was a bag of chips!  AND CHEESE!—We had a jar of SALSA CON QUESO! 

What “zombie mode” person could resist something that looks like it has BRAINS mixed in it!!!??  

And FUCK a plate!!–I was eating that stuff STRAIGHT from the bag and jar!  I would have stuffed my face in the bag if I thought I could get away with it.  (Or DID I stuff my face in that bag?  I don’t rememember.  I blocked that out, if I did.)

“Crumbs on the couch?? What couch?  WHAT’S A COUCH??  I only see food here!!!! AND IT SHALL ALL BE IN MY STOMACH SOON!!!!!!!!!!” 

I even stuffed some into the Hubb’s mouth.  (“Here, Honey…..EAT THIS NOW!!! RAWWWWWRRR!!!!”)



*I may or may not have an evidence for the ratio of people time versus zombie time.  This has yet to be proven.

Also, the ending of this blog may or may not be a SLIGHT hyperbole.

Have a nice day. :)