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Today’s Random Thoughts, Non Sequiturs, Etc.

The boss man leaves to acquire some Chipotle.

I stare at my half-eaten grapefruit…and its juice stings my papercut.

THE DAY IS FULL OF INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Stabs Grapefruit.*


I remember the first time I did my own taxes, when I was seventeen.

The manual forms were found at the library.

It was EZ!!!!!  Ha!! Ha ha ha!!!

(Pretty sure I’m the only one laughing at my made-up joke.)

**Crickets Chirp.**


Someone is coughing incessantly across the room full of cubicles.

They must be eating a grapefruit, too.


I have an orange bell pepper in my lunchbox today.  I cut it up this morning; half of it gets added to my sandwich, and the other half, I eat on the side.  One of the pieces had some seeds left on it.  I debated on eating it anyways, but then remembered that in OTHER peppers, the seeds are the hottest part! 

So, what if this mild bell pepper had a secret HOT KICK…found…in its evil seeds!!!!!???

I threw the evil seed into the trashcan.


(20 minutes later)

**Googles Bell Pepper Seeds.**