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Click Click Click #LeahWouldBlog

Last night, I went out to dinner and drinks with Heather.  As usual, it was a fabulous time!  At some point in our random conversations, however, it came out that I have never seen the movie Predator.  Apparently this is considered tragic, and it was decided that I should watch it for our next “girls’ night”.  Something I did learn about the movie through our limited discussion of it was that the Predator makes some sort of clicky sound.  Heather ASSURED me that it was freaky, but to me, it just sounded funny.

“Clickly click click, look at me! I’m a mean, badass predator. Doopy doopy doooo. Ladeeedah!!!! Clicky clickly click!!!”  (This is the part where I imagine the Predator skipping through a field of daisies, singing to itself, and twirling around amongst the flowers.)

Then this morning, I come into work and begin my day as usual.  I am checking emails, when I see that Heather has sent me something.  The Subject says “Click click click”, and it being morning, it does not even DAWN on me what this is in regards to!  So, I open it.  And there it was!! A gigantic picture of the predator, and yes, it made me jump a little!!  Then laugh!  I still haven’t decided if that click will be freaky when I DO watch the movie, but the clicks did make me jump this morning. Ha ha!