Random Ramblings

You know those cheap, microwave bean burritos that you can buy in a package of 10 at the grocery store?  I adore those.  EVEN THOUGH they’ve scalded my mouth on several occasions (and yet then soothed the burnt flesh with their still-icy center..hot then cold…like Katy Perry…or Sour Patch Kids), I can’t get enough of those things!  I have stopped buying them altogether, because anytime they are in our house, it is required for me to eat two or three in one sitting…as a snack.  And I can’t just eat them alone, Oh no!  They’ve also got to be covered in gooey, melty cheddar and taco sauce (Spanish Gardens, preferably).  They are the vortex in my freezer, calling my name and drawing me in…and at the grocery store, I have to rush past them before their calls make it through the freezer doors!  “Eat us, Leah….EAT US ALL!!!!!!!!”

2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Carry a pair of ear-muffs in your purse. When you approach that section, don it & their calls will go unheard ;).

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