Random Ramblings 4-29

When I look at regular original flavored creamer versus French vanilla flavored coffee creamer, I don’t assume there is much difference.  I drink my first cup of coffee with French vanilla.  I drink my second with Original creamer flavor.  I discover there is a WORLD of difference.  That fact aside, I want to know if there exists a caffeinated creamer; I wouldn’t care what flavor that shit is…Pour it in!

Also, caffeinated cheese should be a thing.


I have a wildlife calendar hanging on the wall of my cubicle at work.  I’m not looking forward to flipping it to “May”, because the picture for that month is an American Bison.  Nothing against you, Mr. Bison, but I enjoy looking at a colorful Macaw more than your big, furry butt!  Here…have a carrot…don’t charge me.

4 thoughts on “Random Ramblings 4-29

  1. You’re not going to use April 2013 again, so, cut the photo off of the top, apply a little glue or anything sticky ;) & paste it over Mr. Bison. BAM!!!

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