Random Ramblings May Day!

These are our lives…there’s no point in spending them miserable!  So put on a grin, People…no matter what!  If it’s momentarily difficult, things will surely improve!  If it’s already great, then enjoy the ride! 

There…now you have an inspirational spurt from my brain. Yay! Time to get back to the randomness…


If I were rich yesterday, I would have gone on a hot air balloon ride through the sunny, blue sky!  I would have taken several pictures to treasure, but also would have brought along a book, because surely after awhile, it would become boring….unless the hot air balloon went to Oz. 


Angela and I discussed the fact that Oceans of Fun will be opening soon!  We basically have three weeks to finish up getting in shape #becausebikini!!!!!  Holy Crap!!  I’m STOKED that summertime is close, but YIKES, the time to don a swimsuit still sort of sneaked up on me!  In my head, I still had at least a couple months before I had to squeeze my tush into one of those suckers!  Guess I’d better keep on runnin’!  So glad to have so many people to help me stay motivated!!!  **Bans the Bon Bons**



2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings May Day!

  1. Smiles are contagious & don’t cost a thing. Plus, you never know how much someone might need it. If I notice someone looking at me, I make sure to smile no matter what I’m thinking about or how I’m feeling. It’s partly because I recall adults doing that when I was young.& remember it filling me with hope. The world is tough enough as it is. So, if I have a chance to influence someone, I try to be the incurable optimist, with a smile to accompany it.

    I’m sure you’ll look fantastical in your bikini! (Like that) :-)

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