Cutting tags from a shirt is a trifle.  Either you end up with just a small strip of tag left on the shirt (which for some unknown reason annoys me), or you have a thin hole in your seam!  Who thought up tags on shirts anyhow?  I understand the necessity for them, with the laundering instructions, ingredients, etc….but can’t they be adhered in a different way?  I realize some cotton shirts merely have print on the inside of the shirt, and I completely applaud that idea!  If all you other shirts could follow suit, it’d be much appreciated.   If not, then I’ll continue to cut holes in you…and yes…that is a threat, Shirts…that…is a threat. **Waves Scissors over head.**


When is it too late to make coffee at the office?  At precisely 11:30, I decided on having one more cup for myself.  The first pot I tried was empty, so I moved to the second and filled my mug.  Now normally, I would automatically take the empty pot and brew more coffee to fill it, but at this point in the day, would it get drank?  I mean, it would be a shameful waste to make an entire pot of coffee that just eventually must be poured out.  It is still morning, but noon is fast approaching, and I don’t know how many people on this floor are afternoon coffee drinkers.  I left the pot empty…Bad move?  When is the cutoff time???

2 thoughts on “RandoRamble

  1. Haha, loving the visual on the first half of this. As for the coffee rambling…if it’s cold outside….I’d opt to make another pot….just sayin; :)

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