I have this fear that I will fall to the ground here.  I’ll trip over my own feet at work, and kersplat onto my face!  And, there will definitely be plenty around me to see it happen.  This is extremely possible, because I have such klutzy tendencies.  I already tripped once last week, but at least it was outside, and only in front of one person….and I wasn’t in a skirt.  I wonder if there’s a name for this fear…


Okay; nothing came up right away, so I’ll assume there is no name for this fear.  I shall name it… Fearoffallaphobia!!!!!!

Say that ten times fast! Hee hee… (that that that that that that that that that that)

2 thoughts on “Ramblephobia

  1. But if could also be read Fear Off All Aphobia, meaning, you’re addicted to scaring people away ;0. How about: Triptoklutzaphobia?

    Or Gracefullaphobia! The fear of coming off as graceful. So your klutziness takes care of the fear ;)

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