Who came up with the phrase “Slept like a baby.”?  And WHY is this phrase referring to someone who slept WELL?  I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask this, and I could probably Google the answer…but I’d rather just complain about it!  Sleeping like a BABY is not necessarily sleeping well at all!  Those slobbery, poopy things wake up all night long, don’t they??  I would NOT consider that a good night’s rest.  It DOES, however, remind me of my UCM Stagecraft teacher.  Apparently, through college, due to all the classes and work schedule, he trained himself to sleep for 2 hours, go work, sleep for 2 hours, go work/do class, sleep 2 hours….for the entire day!!  Pretty sure I couldn’t rewire myself to do that shit! He definitely “slept like a baby”! :)

Side note: “Slept like a log” is equally ridiculous.


Speaking of sleeping, anyone who knows me knows that I often have dreams, and they’re crazy and vivid and almost as nonsensical as this blog.

Last night, I dreamt that I received a message on an answering machine (that doesn’t actually exist in my house) from my friend Rebekah, saying that she has finalized the plans for our cruise.  Then, on the same day, I receive an email from Taylor Swift (who I do not know, nor am I a major fan of) saying the SAME THING.  The bad part is, I don’t remember telling either one of them that I’d be able to go on a cruise.  I decided to just act as if I never received Taylor’s email, and I call Rebekah to let her know  am excited for our cruise, completely faking that I knew about it all along!  A week goes by, and I’ve somehow managed to forget to tell anyone that I’m leaving for a cruise!  My mother shows up for lunch with Shannon and me on that sunny Saturday, and at the same time, Taylor Swift arrives.  AWKWARD!!  She’s ready to leave, and has our plane tickets ready to go.  I immediately feel really bad and am stammering with an explanation when Rebekah pulls into the driveway.  At this point, I have to explain to my husband that I’m leaving on a cruise…that same day!  He’s annoyed.  Of course so are the girls, who are both waiting to see who I will go with.  Finally, my frustration boils over, and I begin yelling that I can’t go on a cruise with either one of them, because truth be told, I can’t afford to go anywhere!  So they look at each other, and decide to go together.  They begin chattering excitedly about it while walking off to the car.  What….just….happened???

I have no idea where this dream came from, but I’m pretty sure that I AM IN NEED of a vacation………………. or a beach.

4 thoughts on “RandoRambleDream

  1. The phrase should be changed to: slept like a deceased june bug. That one is tough to argue against.

  2. While most babies have sleep disruptions; from hunger, thirst or having to go, I think the phrase comes from how quickly they can fall asleep (it’s like lightning) & deeply they sleep when they are out. The primary reason babies sleep so good is their mind isn’t filled with the daily-dribble like ours. It’s only developed enough to know need.

    Are logs ever awake?

    Speaking of vacations. They’re so different as a child than as an adult. When we were kids, we were woken up & our only question was, “what are we doing?/where are we going?”
    Now as an adult, it’s “What time is it? Are we on schedule? Do we have everything? Did everyone pee?”

    That was a kooky dream. I found it comical you didn’t remember the cruise in your dream (of course, the dream started after you planned it apparently) but tried your best to keep up the appearance & act like you knew. I think we’re all afraid of anyone figuring out that we have no idea what’s going on & dreams always put me in that position. I think it symbolizes loss of control & the things we can’t control. And you did a great job of maintaining until the end. But then your dream made the worst case scenario happen! Why does that always happen? That’s what it makes me question? That & how can I control them & make best-case scenarios the outcome! Dreams are crazy.

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