A Win Against Evil #leahwouldramble

I CONQUERED!!!  (kinda)

Last night, my husband was giving me the “puppy dog eyes” for SOME sort of dessert.  Of course, since I’m attempting a clean eating challenge at the moment, my grocery lists have not included the delicious delicacies of the excess-sugar goodness that is treats.  In other words, there are no easily accessible cookies or ice cream or anything for him to munch on, should the desire arise.  HOWEVER, I found a cookie mix in the pantry that I’d bought a couple months ago.  So, I decided to appease Shannon, because, of course, I love to keep him happy!

And so the battle began, as I mixed the ingredients in a bowl, and its heavenly scent wafted into my nostrils.  If I could survive, or at least find contentment, by eating air, I would have eaten ALL of the cookie dough fragrance!  The temptation of one of my favorite sorts of sweets was SO GREAT! 

But, I told myself as I pulled the mix out of the cabinet that I would NOT give in to it!  For a moment, I WAS weak.  As I spooned the dough into small heaps on the cookie sheet, an automatic reflex to bite the remaining dough from the spoon took over!!!  It’s like my arm, along with the spoon, had a mind of its own, and the utensil was the evil center of its brain! It lunged forward without warning, and went RIGHT into my mouth!!  The first swing of the sword had been swung!!  The evil side of the battle STARTED this fight! 

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I screamed (inside my head).

As SOON as the dough hit my tongue, I knew I was in trouble!  But instead of admitting defeat, I ran to the sink and SPIT THE OFFENDER OUT! 

I realize that sugar starts to digest the moment it hits your saliva (This is definitely true—it’s science!), but I’m hoping a mere second in my mouth won’t have counted for too much!  I still count it a win! A victory!  A TRIUMPH OVER COOKIE DOUGH!!!!

And to continue my winning spree, I chose NOT to indulge in any of the baked cookies either, no matter how GOOD they smelled!  They are the ENEMY.

(Insert overly-dramatic music here.)

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