During the winter months, and even throughout the spring, you will hear me wishing it was summertime!  I love the hot temperatures and swimming, and of course #becausebikini is my year-round motivation for working out, etc.  But there is a time towards the end of summer, for about a month, you’ll actually hear me yearning for autumn.  Even though my allergies are awful during that time of year (A big middle finger to you, Ragweed!!), I adore so many things that come along with the season.

I am here, at the point of longing for fall.  I want to see all the leaves changing colors, sit around a bonfire, and go on hayrides!  I want to carve pumpkins, make pumpkin pie, and watch football!  I can’t wait to decorate the front of our house with spooky Halloween spider-webs, and see all the fun costumes people have created.  I want to wear a jacket in the crisp (but NOT COLD) air while taking a walk, crunching leaves with each step.  I look forward to drinking hot apple cider on my back porch while watching all those brittle leaves swirl in the wind!

I hope that my daydreams have inspired you to long for autumn as much as I do, because perhaps then it will be here sooner!


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