Looney Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was going to get a new tattoo.  I was planning on having some sort of intricate design done on my side that included some sort of fantasy-inspired bird.  (I don’t even know what I mean by this, but my mind pictures some sort of badass dragon with feathery wings…Just assume it was TOTALLY cool and unique, and NOTHING LESS THAN ABSOLUTE MAGNIFICENCE!!!!!)

  I was nervous, but excited!  It was going to be done in two sessions, and the first session was a couple of hours long.  I lied there, patiently, as the tattoo artist went to work.  AT this point, I should have known this was a dream, because I didn’t feel any pain.  After the two hours (which of course passed by in a matter of seconds, and in a montage of dream-picture scenes), I walked to a mirror to admire the handiwork.

SHOCK…increased heartbeat….utter….feelings…of….failure/horror!!!

 What I beheld was NOT the original tattoo that I pictured.  Where was my amazing and gorgeous artistic rendering of a Phoenix-like creature??

Somehow, due to a series of miscommunications that I can NO LONGER remember, I had a Tweety-bird on my side! A TWEETY BIRD!! 

And a chipmunk (not just any chipmunk, but “Dale” from the Looney Tunes duo “Chip and Dale”) who was upside down, next to Tweety!!


 And apparently, the second session I had scheduled was to add Chip next to Dale!  How did this happen!??  I was dumbstruck in my dream, and didn’t know what to say.  What COULD I do, after all!  There were two giant Looney Tunes characters on my side AND belly!!  THE CHIPMUNK WAS AS BIG AS MY HEAD….IN THE MIDDLE OF MY STOMACH!!!!!

  I awoke soon after, and immediate checked myself over for any new, unwanted tattoos.  I think it’s safe to say that my dream was really a nightmare!  I have nothing against Looney Tunes, as long as they remain on the television or in children’s books. 

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