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Gum, Candy, Repeat #leahwouldblog

Sometimes, I will go to my old blog on Livejournal, and find something I had forgotten about.  It makes me smile, so I repost it here, in hopes to elicit more smiles from people who weren’t there to see it the first time.  Here is one of them…just some rambles:

I have become a gigantic waster of gum!  I, along with many I’m sure, do not like to ever have bad breath.  So, out of convenience, I chew gum after eating.  BUT, I don’t like chewing gum for a long time, so I literally spit it out after only chewing for about 5 min.  Here’s the thing, though…I eat 5-6 times a day….so that’s 5-6 pieces of gum throughout the day!  So for just 25-30 minutes of chewtime, I chew THAT MUCH gum!  Whoever thought up the “car cup” with a bajillion pieces of gum inside, I applaud you.
Does anyone else remember Tongue Splashers gum?  I think that is what those were called.  They came in a small can, and the different colors would dye your whole mouth whatever color you wanted!  I can’t say I’d want to do this now, but it would be fun to find out if those things still exist.  Now, I finally understand the nostalgia my mom must feel when seeing Chic-O-Stix at the store.  How odd to think that the candy I grew up with may be considered Old Fashioned before too long!  And which candies will be classy enough to stick around forever?  So far, Tootsie Roll Pops and Blow Pops have done a pretty good job of it!  (Those are old, right?)
A memory resurfaces:  In 5th grade, I had an argument with a boy named Jonathan Simcosky.  He tried to insist to me that chocolate was not technically candy!  Being my completely stubborn self, I disagreed with him ALL DAY LONG. We bickered all through lunch AND all through recess.  In fact, I don’t think our argument was ever resolved…it was an “agree to disagree” situation.  As an adult, I can’t say I consider chocolate to be candy…it is chocolate…it is its own entity.  I’m sorry, Jonathan, wherever you are…you were right.  I’m finally admitting it.


Looney Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was going to get a new tattoo.  I was planning on having some sort of intricate design done on my side that included some sort of fantasy-inspired bird.  (I don’t even know what I mean by this, but my mind pictures some sort of badass dragon with feathery wings…Just assume it was TOTALLY cool and unique, and NOTHING LESS THAN ABSOLUTE MAGNIFICENCE!!!!!)

  I was nervous, but excited!  It was going to be done in two sessions, and the first session was a couple of hours long.  I lied there, patiently, as the tattoo artist went to work.  AT this point, I should have known this was a dream, because I didn’t feel any pain.  After the two hours (which of course passed by in a matter of seconds, and in a montage of dream-picture scenes), I walked to a mirror to admire the handiwork.

SHOCK…increased heartbeat….utter….feelings…of….failure/horror!!!

 What I beheld was NOT the original tattoo that I pictured.  Where was my amazing and gorgeous artistic rendering of a Phoenix-like creature??

Somehow, due to a series of miscommunications that I can NO LONGER remember, I had a Tweety-bird on my side! A TWEETY BIRD!! 

And a chipmunk (not just any chipmunk, but “Dale” from the Looney Tunes duo “Chip and Dale”) who was upside down, next to Tweety!!


 And apparently, the second session I had scheduled was to add Chip next to Dale!  How did this happen!??  I was dumbstruck in my dream, and didn’t know what to say.  What COULD I do, after all!  There were two giant Looney Tunes characters on my side AND belly!!  THE CHIPMUNK WAS AS BIG AS MY HEAD….IN THE MIDDLE OF MY STOMACH!!!!!

  I awoke soon after, and immediate checked myself over for any new, unwanted tattoos.  I think it’s safe to say that my dream was really a nightmare!  I have nothing against Looney Tunes, as long as they remain on the television or in children’s books.