By the way…

Just so you know, I’m still here!

Apparently, two jobs makes it very difficult to blog!  Gee, who knew!!?? ;)

So, until I can find/make time to write down some funny and/or embarrassing stories about myself, here are some of my “Random Rambling/s”.  I hope my brain is laughable today…maybe if I add some more coffee…. (YES, Caffeine is my answer to almost everything.)


I like the taste of oranges, but I detest peeling them!  This is generally what happens:

-Try peeling orange with fingernail–fingernail becomes full of pulp

-Clear out pulp from fingernail, attempt a second time to peel the fragrant fruit

-Fingernail bends backwards, small cry of pain escapes mouth

-Borrow orange peeler; begin peeling

-Juice squirts into face

-stab orange with pointy end of orange-peeler

-Juice runs down arm

-wipe juice off with napkin; borrow giant knife

-cut orange into quarter sections

-attempt to peel with fingernails again, obtaining more rind under the nails during the process

-juice squirts into hair

-throw the orange in the trash; go to store to stock up on canned Mandarin oranges


Totally kidding on the plural of “Ramble”….you only get this ONE…for now. :)

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