Lotion ‘N’ Lights

This morning started out quite well.  I awoke in time to come to work and jog at 6:15am, before the workday began.  I didn’t freeze to death on the way in, and I actually remembered to pack ALL my clothes for the day! 

After my run and some foam rolling, I retreated to the women’s locker/shower room.  Everything seemed normal up to this point.  In fact, aside from standing like a flamingo in the shower while attempting to shave my legs, things were going quite well.

It was after my shower, when I opened the side-pocket of my gym bag, that I discovered something amiss.  Apparently, Bath and Body Works’s new lotion bottle does not prefer to remain closed in a gym bag.  In fact, their new bottle design would much rather leak the silky, scented stuff in excess ALL OVER EVERYTHING!  So I’m standing there in a towel, smearing some of the extra lotion onto my legs and planning on cleaning up the mess, when…


…..the lights go out.  Apparently I was not moving around enough in the locker room for the motion sensors to deem any light necessary. 

It turns out that I can masterfully apply lotion in the dark!  I only ALMOST fell ONE time! 

Then I walked out of the stall to make the lights turn back on…they didn’t come one.  I began waving my hands around….still no luck.  I had to walk to the entrance of the locker room before the lights returned!  If someone had been watching with night-vision goggles, I’m sure they would have been amused.  Then again, if the lights came on and I saw someone standing there in night-vision goggles, it would probably freak me out a little bit.  (ACTUALLY–I’d just go “ninja” on their ass, using the straightener and blow dryer as nunchucks!!!)

So then it was time to go to work…..I would have worn my necklace today, but it is currently covered in lotion, because amidst the light ordeal, I completely forgot to clean up the mess in my bag.

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