Password Changes

If you’ve worked at an office or on any sort of computer for your job, you’ve probably seen the annoying “It’s Time to Change Your Password”  message that pops up from time to time.  The first time this message comes up, it normally gives you around 14 days in which you can decide on a new password.  This is a good thing.  Personally, I need that mental preparation for such a big change.  After typing the same thing in, day after day, for months and months…to make me change it seems almost cruel. 

But, at least there is that cushion……..unless……..


They should have a second option after hitting “yes” that reads, “Are you sure?  That wasn’t an accidental finger tap, right?”

Then maybe even add a third pop-up message that says, “You’re seriously ready to do this?? I hope your finger isn’t spasming!”

But no…there are no second or third chances.  THERE’S ONE….ONE chance to make that mistake!

So you undergo that moment of dread, anger, and ultimately PANIC!!!!!  Because no one wants to be the person who changes their password and then forgets it the next day, resulting in a call to the IT department, and cementing the fact that in those peoples’ minds, you must be an idiot!!  NO ONE WANTS THAT!

In the past, this has happened to me, and in my crazy, angry state, I changed my password to:


…..and after a few minutes, and a few deep breaths….I realized that I was going to be stuck typing in my anger for months.  Not only that, but I would probably forget which symbols I used to sub in for the different letters!! 


So then, I wrote my password down, and I hid it under my keyboard, just HOPING that no one would happen to find it and think I was a psychopath.  I also crossed my fingers in hopes that IT would never need to ask for my password for any reason, because if I told them what it was, they would assume I was cussing them out, and again, I’d just look like a crazy.  I COULD claim to have Tourette Syndrome…then MAYBE all would be forgiven.  (Yes, this crossed my mind.)

By the way, this happened several years ago, so no….my current password is not an angry one…..maybe not.

Have a happy Tuesday…and don’t let your pinky slip onto that ‘enter’ button too hastily!

4 thoughts on “Password Changes

  1. You would not believe how many times I walk into a office and to log on a persons computer, to ask what’s you password please? “Oh it’s PASSWORD” wow really?!?? Well guess there’s no forgetting it…

    1. Ha ha ha!!! That really doesn’t surprise me!!! Could you imagine, though, if after you asked that, the person cussed you out?? (but they didn’t really…it was just their password. hee hee hee)

      GAH, that coulda been bad.

  2. This is funny. When I got laid off I had some time before they kicked me to the curb so I changed my password to something juvenile (along the lines of “Imaf*ckingcondescendingwhore”) so my boss (who was delighted at the opportunity to get rid of me) would have to type it in when I left. In the end though I think I changed it back to something more tame.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for writing it.

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