It was the first time in over two months that I had awoken early enough to drive into work and meet Heather for a morning workout. It needed to happen. After gaining approximately a zillion pounds, I figured some treadmill time would do me some good.

After defeating the 5am alarm clock battle, one would think things would be all downhill from there.

I should have known better.

In case you are unaware, I shall tell you now that my “klutz factor” is increased in the mornings, when I first wake up, by at least 155%.

Also, due to my cat-lady nature, the first task I complete when I awake is grabbing the cats’ bowls and filling them with food. And so I did…unfortunately, the clumsiness kicked in.

Cat kibble was spilled not only into the bowls, but onto the floor as well. A lot of it

Of course, it was too early to remember that I have a broom in the closet, and I decided it was a FABULOUS idea to pick up the food by hand…some of them one-by-one.

Things had to get easier at this point, right?

I threw on my workout clothing, filled my gym bag with the necessities for my post-gym shower (office-wear, shoes, etc.), remembered to grab a jacket, and rushed out the door.

BLAST OF ICY, COLD AIR TO THE FACE….and ice on my windshield—one of the joys of parking outside

I texted Heather to let her know I was going to make it in a little later than 6am, because Mother Nature had decided to be a bitch today.

After fishing on the floor in the back of my car for what seemed an eternity, I found my ice scraper. Pretty sure the heat radiating from my annoyance caused the ice to melt quicker than even the meanest of scrapers!

(10 minutes later)

I was finally on my way…until a million cars stuck DEAD in traffic blocked the entire highway!

I was puzzled at how congested it could be this early in the morning. Was this NORMAL?? Was traffic just FOREVER OCURRING ALL DAY??

It wasn’t until I crept up the highway for another ten minutes that I realized there was a road completely closed. I assume someone wrecked on the ice, but I never saw a wreck. I hoped everyone was alright, but continued to think that my morning was cursed. Maybe sleeping in would have been a better idea.

As I finally pulled into work (where there is our fitness center), I received a text from Heather:

“Why the F*** are the locker rooms out of service?”


In the end, after my workout, the sinks became the showers, the paper towels were my wash rags, and the automatic soap dispensers became the bane to my existence.

And now…the day begins

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