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Dorito Dilemma

Today, I attempted to pretend my protein bar was a bag of Cool Ranch doritos.  It did not work.  So, I decided it would be worth it to cough up the 40 cents and buy a small bag of the beloved chips. 

I dug through the abyss, aka the bottom of my gigantic purse/bag.  Along with some wrappers and crumbs (HOW THE HELL…????), I pulled out some coins.  JUST ENOUGH!! It had to be a sign.  I was MEANT to eat those chips!

I practically skipped to the cubicle that holds our beloved office-snack treasures, and I opened the drawer that holds the chips and crackers.  For a moment, I thought I heard angels…and a small bit of light seemed to eminate from the drawer! 

This light was QUICKLY dashed as I realized…..there…..were……NO…..DORITOS!!!!  Nothing but potato chips and Sun Chips!! These are NOT what I craved!!!

I wandered back to my desk in defeat, a small, figurative tear rolling down my cheek.