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This Kinda Sucks

I had to clean my beautiful, glittery cup today.  It had been sitting all night, half-full of water, and who knows what germs were teeming by this morning?!  SO….I poured soapy water inside the cup…hot, sudsy water of CLEANNESS!  As I scrubbed, I realized that I should also clean the straw.  The best way to get liquid into the straw is to suck it up into it, right?  My plan was to suck the hot, soapy water just far enough to fill most of the straw, then let it fall back into the cup; then, I could finish scrubbing/rinsing. 

I had PLENTY of practice doing this is a kid with soda-pop.  It was like a fun little game!  “How far up could you make the liquid go without it actually reaching your mouth?” is what the game was called.  Well something like that…perhaps that title is too long, but you get the point.

The result of this non-caffeinated, fuzzy logic ended the only way it could have.

Yes, I accidentally drank hot, dish-soap water this morning.

It was then time to kill it with coffee:  Hazelnut coffee…with hazelnut creamer….HAZEL-ON-HAZEL ACTION to cleanse the mouth of soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Thank you, Tina and Susie, for all the flavored coffee/creamer…otherwise, I may taste nothing but liquid-orange dish soap for the rest of my day.)