Quick Snippet.

I am sitting at my desk, sipping coffee out of my new mustache mug with Arctic Monkeys playing on the radio in the background.  The sun is shining outside the windows at my back, and my phone tells me it is a lovely 73 degrees Fahrenheit just on the other side of those windows.  For just a moment, I close my eyes and imagine how the breeze outside would feel on my eyelashes.

 I switch my radio off, because the cacophony occurring with its airwaves mixed with numerous fingers tapping on the keyboards around me is grating my nerves.  

It’s Friday morning; I need more coffee.

2 thoughts on “Quick Snippet.

  1. Great snippet! You painted a wonderful picture with your words! And…I stole you closing sentence to use as my updated Twitter status! :-)

  2. And…my typing couldn’t keep up with my brain. Should be “your” closing sentence. Where’s the grammatical autocorrect, when I need it?

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