Worst Typo Ever!

Occasionally throughout my day, I check my gmail.  If I want to do so, I go up to the address bar in my Internet Explorer, and type ‘gm’, at which point, it automatically fills in the rest of the words ‘gmail.com’, so all I have to do is press ‘enter’.

Apparently, today, my finger slipped, and an ‘f’ was accidentally typed in front of ‘gm’, and then ‘enter’ was pressed. 

What was pulled up was NOT my happy little inbox, but instead, an article on fgm.  Female Genital Mutilation.  It has a Wikipedia page and everything!


Happy Monday, Everyone. :P

6 thoughts on “Worst Typo Ever!

  1. HA! I was once picking up donated clothing for a charity during Christmas and I texted my coworker “what is the average pant size of a man?” A few minutes later she replied “I googled that. And now I’m getting fired.”

  2. My worst was an autocorrect. I generally proofread as I go, but the last word generally I have too much momentum and hit send. IPhone had a bad habit, if you used a swear it had to be added to your dictionary, if you added something it gets priority.

    The end result was me ending a text to my mom with the c word. I considered breaking the phone while it sluggishly attempted to send it…

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