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It’s a Happy Friday Beginning!

From time to time (In other words, EVERY stinkin’ day for me), things happen without my immediately realizing it, and when I DO finally figure it out, it confirms the fact that often, certain outside forces beat me at life….or something like that.

Almost every morning, on my normal workday rush, not only do I drive to work, but I also tend to call upon my multi-tasking skills and eat breakfast, plus do my makeup while in the car.  (Don’t be concerned….I have enough damn stoplights on my way in to work that there is plenty of time that I’m not actually in a moving vehicle while doing these things.  Okay, Mom?  DON’T…WORRY!)

This particular morning, I grabbed an ever-so-nutritious protein bar for breakfast.  This flavor was “Caramel Nut”, and included being half-way dipped into some sort of protein, caramel-flavored “icing”.  The stuff is DELICIOUS, so I ate it as quickly as a ravenous wolf! 

Commence with the makeup application! 

Some days, the brush drops into my lap, and I’m left with a bit of light shimmer on my pants.  It wipes off fairly easily.  I only fear the day that the brush drops underneath my seat, for my car will surely eat it, and I will never see it again!  At that point, I will only have my fingertips to apply my eye-shadow, and then I’ll undoubtedly “accidentally” wipe them off afterwards on something…like my seat….or shirt….or arm.  Probably my arm, just to see how many people notice that the streaks of color on my appendages make me look like a homeless chimney sweeper when I arrive to work.  At least then I could burst into song and start referring to my coworkers as “Mary Poppins”.  They would only EXPECT something that absurd at this point.

I digress…back to the protein bar!  After arriving to work, AND riding the elevator (WITH PEOPLE…people of OTHER businesses in this building) to my floor, and then sitting at my desk, I finally LOOK DOWN at my pants.  (I should seriously consider keeping a mirror in my car.) The icing that I had Loooooooved so much earlier apparently loved me back!!  It had decided to partially break off from the breakfast bar and smear itself all over the CROTCH region of my pants!!  White “icing” on my black pants…I can only IMAGINE what my fellow elevator-riders must have thought! 

It’s just another day where gravity, along with my klutz factor, WINS against me. 

Happy Friday, You Guys!  Please pass the coffee…

A Memory from the Rock Band Days

The band had just finished a fast-paced song, and the dance floor was clearing out as the mood changed to slow and sweet.  (In other words, everyone in the crowd was heading to get a refill on their beer before returning to slow dance in front of us.)  I stood, singing a rock ballad (probably Journey or Bon Jovi), and stared into the crowd.  After years of singing on a stage, I had no nervousness, and could easily watch and/or interact with a crowd while belting out a tune. 

As I glanced to the right of the dance floor in front of me, I noticed a young woman wandering to its edge, tugging her man behind her.  I assumed it was the regular “forcing the man to dance with her” situation.  This was fairly common.  I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of doing this from time to time.  But as I continued into the second verse, I took a closer look at the couple. 

I recognized that the woman was one of the avid dancers from during the previous song, someone who had been jumping around with so much glee(and by ‘glee’, I mean ‘drunkenness’) that she had fallen quite a few times, mid-dance.  A little too many twirls and whirls for her, I suppose.  Again, I’m guilty of this from time to time as well, so there’re no judgments here!  I always enjoyed watching people have a good time to our music.

Then, I took a closer look.  She was remaining poised by the edge of the dance floor with her guy.  I found this odd since she was so happy to dance all over that floor just a few minutes ago, so I decided to pay a little more attention to what was going on.  That is when I noticed her pointing towards the ground while saying something to her man.  My eyes followed where she was pointing (discreetly, of course), and that’s when I saw it. It was like, for a just a moment, in total sloooooow motion……


Men, if you don’t know already, I’m talking about the fake, rubber boobs that some women put into their bras to amplify their cleavage.  Spoiler alert!!!)

It’s a good thing my mouth was ALREADY agape at this point, because if it hadn’t been, my jaw probably would have dropped at that point.  Apparently, while dancing previously, the fake, rubber bra-stuffer had come right out of her shirt!  Not only was it sitting there on the dance floor, but she was not even willing to retrieve it!  She commanded her man do it. 

And YES….he did.  He fetched it and brought it back to her…..back to it’s home…next to her boob.


I managed to keep my composure.  Don’t ask me how, I haven’t a clue!! 

To this day, that band-days memory gives me grins. :)

Art & Aliens

All had been calm for three hours.  Not a peep was heard from the sleeping toddler upstairs in the white bedroom.

At least, that’s what my babysitter told my mother many years ago.  Mom’s immediate response was a facial expression full of surprise and alarm.  If her little Leah had been quiet for three solid hours, something was NOT RIGHT with the world.  She rushed past her friend and charged up the stairs to the spare room, where I was supposedly napping.


(Three hours earlier)


Mom was making me stay at her friend’s house for awhile.  She had to run errands or work or something–obviously do a great, FUN THING  where a young girl was not allowed to join.  I GUESS I didn’t mind; surely the place where I was to be temporarily abandoned had toys. 

EVERYONE has toys.  Those who didn’t….well I figured they must be aliens from another planet.  And SURELY my mom wouldn’t leave me alone with aliens…..surely……..

Shortly after my mother delivered me to this person’s house, I was stuck in a bright, white room and expected to sleep.  I lied on the bed for AT LEAST four million years (aka 20 min. in real time), and decided it was boring. Naps are stupid.  I figured I had better look for the toys.  I sat up and peered at my surroundings.

Where were the toys?

I saw pillows….blankets…a dresser…white carpet….THERE WAS NOTHING FUN IN THIS ROOM.

What an upsetting revelation!! My mother LEFT ME WITH ALIENS!!!!!  I arose from the bed and began to wander around the room, contemplating how they might experiment on me; for a fleeting moment, I thought about crying, but then…

What I found in the drawers in front of a mirror was FAR better than toys.  A smile began to form on my face….

It slowly spread wider…

…and wider still! 

The grin could hardly contain my excitement!!!

Displayed in front of me in all their glory were tubes of lovely, red paint!!  It smelled sort of funny, and it didn’t taste quite like paint, but it worked JUST the same!!  (In case you don’t realize it, this was not paint, but lipstick.)

  I set about my task.  Surely, I would receive many pats on the head and marvelous compliments from my overseers/prison-guard aliens. Then, after they saw the beauty of my artwork, they may decide that my brain was far too precious to scramble.  Plus, they would HAVE to show me where all the toys were!

I would get to play WITH THEM ALL!!!!  I would be the PRINCESS OF ALL TOYS!!  Or even better—QUEEN!!!!  My rule of the alien-toy kingdom would be written in the history books as the greatest that ever was!!!

I slowly unsheathed the smooth, red “paint”.

Then, I began with the dresser, and moved swiftly to the carpet.  The bedspread and walls were splashed with the deep hue shortly after.  I had no cares that I was also becoming covered in the cherry-colored mess.  This was hard work, and I was going to do a DAMN fine job!!!!


(Three hours later)


My mother opened the door, with the homeowners close behind her.  I smiled up with all the glee I could muster…I was ready for my crown, for my toy-subjects, and for all my praise!


My memory gets fuzzy at that point, but I am told that I was never left to be babysat by that couple again….ever.

Apparently, aliens don’t know what ART is.

Dog & Cat–Short

Sometimes, our dog, Coda, will purposefully look at our cat, Buddy, and then walk over to his toy rabbit***, proceeding to pick it up and shake it violently back and forth while growling, as if to say to the cat, “This is what I would do to you if I could!!!”.

***Used to be a toy rabbit–is now a stuff-less, furry, headless rag

Then Coda will flip the fluffy-tailed rag-toy into the air with utter glee, catch it, and fling it again! Occasionally, the small, pathetic thing (the toy, not the dog) will land atop of the television screen, completely out of reach for our stubby-legged pooch. 

As Coda stands there staring at his lost toy, yearning for it to return to him, this is the moment the cat smiles, and it is HIS turn to purposefully look at the dog, completely knowing that HE could retrieve Coda’s toy if he so desired.  But he does NOT desire this.  He finds joy in torturing the dog.

They love each other.

A Damning Dime

A Memory:

When I was a young girl, probably around five or six years old, I was so very proud that I knew how to spell my name.  NOT ONLY could I spell it, but I could WRITE it as well as the best of ’em!!  I assume I probably wrote it on my coloring books, finger-painted it on my refrigerator masterpieces, and saw it up in LIGHTS in my mind……………………………………………….

We would go to church every week, and on one particular Sunday, my mother gave me a dime for when the offering basket passed by.  At that age, there were no problems in tossing dimes into baskets like coins into a wishing well.  It was like playing a miniature basketball game in the middle of church!  Slam dunk! Swish!

But until the basket came by, it was just me and my dime in the front pew.  I am quite sure that the pastor was talking about something quite interesting for the adults, but for a small child, it was not something that would be considered enthralling. 

I began daydreaming and considering my options.  The basket had yet to be passed, but I began to warm up on my dime-tossing.  Toss up, catch, toss up, catch….bored again.  What else is there to do?  All of the adult voices around me are just a bunch of blurbs streaming into my ears, not making any sense. 

Then genius struck!  Everyone needed to know how beautifully I could write my name.  They should know!  They should all be PROUD!!  I looked around for a few minutes..no one was paying attention.  Not yet…..and that is when I brought the lovely, ridged piece of metal to the finish on the pew.  The dime was JUST the right size for manipulating like a writing utensil.

**scratch, scratch**


**scratch, scratch**


**scrape, scratch**


There!!! Perfect!! Everyone and their mothers would be so impressed with my magnificent ability to mark down these letters!!  Not only did I write my name, but I created a sculpture!  A piece of intricate art!  HOLY ART!!!!!

………………………………….I waited for someone to see it

……………………….it was beautiful!

…………….and such a creative use of a ten cent piece!

…….I continued to wait for someone to notice…


No one was impressed.

I entered the land of trouble.

Damn Dime.

How Am I Married?

Sometimes, I am amazed at how ANYONE can put up with my peculiar self, let alone be MARRIED to me.

The other day, while driving and talking to Shannon on the phone, I saw a blimp in the sky.  Shannon then became the brunt of my somewhat one-sided phone conversation that went something like this (spoken at roughly 100mph):

Me: I’m pretty sure I see a blimp in the sky!!  Maybe it’s just a balloon.  You know how they use those big balloons for car dealerships?  Nah..no way! It’s too far up there!  That couldn’t be a regular balloon.  It’s GOT to be a blimp!

Shannon: Oh….?

Me: It IS! That’s a blimp!  It’s the MetLife blimp!  I wonder if they give people rides!  I want a blimp!  We could ride in a blimp and then skydive from it.  No…wait…it’s not high enough for sky diving….WE COULD BUNGEE JUMP!! Perfect!! Do you think they give bungee jump rides in blimps!?? Surely not the MetLife blimp.  That’s life insurance, right?  I doubt a life insurance company would endorse bungee jumping.

Shannon: What?

Me:  BUNGEE JUMPING!! I wonder what it costs to rent a blimp.  Think anyone rents them?  We should have a blimp party!  There can be lights and giant speakers and loud music.  A dance party in a blimp!!  Think it’s big enough?? They should definitely rent out blimps for dance parties!! I wonder how many people could fit in a blimp…A party blimp would certainly be bigger than a regular blimp.  It’d by like a party bus….that FLOATS!!


Shannon: Uh…..


Shannon and I recently discussed the fact that his suitcase is now missing a wheel…not long after, this text conversation happened:

Shannon: I just smelled my arm pits, and they stink.

Leah: Hahaha!  Why aren’t you wearing deodorant?

Shannon: I am.

Leah: Must’ve worn off.  It may be your suitcase wheel took it.  They ran off together. 

Shannon: LOL Yup

Leah: It’s better this way.  You may be stinky, but they’re happy now.

Shannon: Sacrifices


Now is the moment that Shan realizes he could, at any second, become the victim of my blog.

Worst Typo Ever!

Occasionally throughout my day, I check my gmail.  If I want to do so, I go up to the address bar in my Internet Explorer, and type ‘gm’, at which point, it automatically fills in the rest of the words ‘gmail.com’, so all I have to do is press ‘enter’.

Apparently, today, my finger slipped, and an ‘f’ was accidentally typed in front of ‘gm’, and then ‘enter’ was pressed. 

What was pulled up was NOT my happy little inbox, but instead, an article on fgm.  Female Genital Mutilation.  It has a Wikipedia page and everything!


Happy Monday, Everyone. :P

Pumpkins. This Post has nothing to do with Actual Pumpkins. #leahwouldblog

Three words: “Pumpkin Pecan Waffle”

These words may have saved my life as I know it.

I truly wish I could tell you that this was the heavenly breakfast I made on today’s crisp, fall morning.  I am fairly certain I COULD make it if I wanted to.  (And, I suppose after my husband reads this, he will suggest I prove that statement!)

But, NO.  This is the scent of the candle burning in our kitchen.  When I first spied the label to this olfactorious delight, I KNEW it would smell amazing.  (P.S. Olfactorious should be in the dictionary as, “a mix of the word ‘olfactory’ and ‘glorious’; also meaning to smell so fucking good that real words CANNOT express the magnificence.)

I found this candle when I was in the search for some lotion.  Not just any lotion, but one that smells the same as my Pumpkin Cupcake hand-soap, that was given to me by my Lovely, Angela, for my birthday.  Every time I wash my hands, I WANT TO EAT THEM!  So maybe the soap is turning me into a zombie.  Perhaps that’s really how “zombies” come about in the future!!  Everyone starts wearing lotion that smells and tastes like cupcakes, and PEOPLE’S SENSES OVERRIDE EVERYTHING.  All they want to do is eat cupcake-flavored humans!

Before I thought about the possibility of being eatin’ by “Cupcake Zombies”, I wanted the delicious-smelling lotion. 

ALAS!  They DO NOT MAKE LOTION in that scent!!!

“WHA__?!!!!!” **Mouth agape**

(I think Bath and Body Works secretly knows about the possibility of Cupcake Zombies.)

When the sales lady told me that what I was seeking did not exist, I…………….. maintained my composure.

Sure, in my head……

I began grabbing pumpkin cupcake hand soap dispensers and blasting them all over the shelves of lotion.


**Pumps/shoots soap onto every lotion shelf AND employee at lightning speed!**



(Pause…for effect.)





But really, outside my head….

I saw the candles, and before my inner self could take over, I grabbed one that had a pumpkin on it.

I read the label.

As I mentioned earlier, it was “Pumpkin Pecan Waffle”.

Slowly, I lifted the lid, and I brought my dose down to the wax.

The raging 2013 Pumpkin Soap Massacre of Bath and Body Works was successfully averted.

The world can now sleep soundly………until the cupcake zombies arrive, that is.

Play Along! :) Or Whatever…

I had no idea that people did blog nominations, but it sounds like it could be fun!  Jess from www.objessions.com nominated me, but I have to admit that I may not completely follow the rules here.  I am supposed to list 11 random facts about myself, answer the questions she gave me, and then come up with another 11 questions for other people I nominate.  I’ll do the first two, but since, so far, I am not familiar enough with my bloggers to nominate someone right away, I’m not going to do so.  HOWEVER, I will come up with 11 questions for anyone to answer in the comments section, and we’ll pretend I nominated those people!  Sound good?

(One other thing—this reminds me of those old emails that used to be forwarded all over the place!  Remember the ones with a billion questions that you’d answer and then send back to whoever sent it, and then you’d forward them on for the next person?   Until this nomination, I had forgotten those existed!!  I used to enjoy them….so we’ll see how much I enjoy this new version!)

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I love singing!  Anyone who knows me knows that fact. BUT, I remember listening to music as a young girl, and since my singing voice was a soft one, I couldn’t hear myself if I sang the melody with the song.  So, I would sing other notes around the melody that fit it.  THUS, I learned to sing harmonies at an early age, by accident, just so I could hear myself sing along.

2.  I have my dog cuddled up to me right now (Coda, the Schipperke), and my cat (Buddy Van Bizzle Dizzle)  taking a tongue-bath inside a laundry basket to the left of us.

3.  I hate it when the floor of the bathroom is wet.  I also don’t like when the mirror fogs up, so I always shower with the door open.

4.  When I was a child, I was completely obsessed with owning all of the “Littlest Pet Shop” play-sets.  Now, I can only remember the name of the first one I ever got.  It was a cat whose magnetic head chased a magnetic mouse.  The cat’s name was “Miles”.

5.  In kindergarten, I was homeschooled, but my mom accidentally taught me through third grade…all while in “kindergarten”.

6.  I could eat pizza or Tex-Mex any and every day of the week.

7.  I never knew the word “fuck” existed until I was 15-16 years old.

8.  I once visited our Capitol Building on a Sunday by train….and accidentally caused several policemen and fire-trucks to arrive that day…twice.  There may or may not be long, lost footage of me pounding a gavel where a judge would normally sit on a weekday.

9.  I am 30 years old, and still have never been gambling at a casino.  I don’t mind.

10.  My first horror movie that I ever watched was at a friend’s house.  It was “Scream”. I ended up eating an entire bag of peanut butter cups that night during the movie, and so I was miserable the rest of the night.  I still enjoy that corny flick.

11.  I have incredibly GIGANTIC big toes.

To answer Jess’s questions:

1. What was the last concert you went to?  Favorite concert?

           My last concert was Buzz Beachball last Friday.  My favorite concert was probably Beachball last year, though.

2. What is your favorite place in the United States that you have been to?

          So far, probably New York City.

3. What is your all-time favorite book? Movie?

          I am such a fickle person, and I have a hard time picking a favorite when there are SO MANY GREAT choices!  I do happen to enjoy most books by Dean Koontz.  I also adore the Lucky Santangelo series by Jackie Collins.  Fave movie?  Okay, Jess, you’re asking multiple questions per question…isn’t that like cheating???  I can’t pick a favorite movie.  Again too many choices.  The most recent movies I bought were “Far and Away” and the second, most recent “Star Trek” (I still have to finish that one, though.)

4. Share a picture…(wait…that’s not a question, Jess…that’s a DEMAND!) lol

5. How much time (on average) do you spend on the internet per day?..

          TOO MUCH….maybe…probably.

6. What is your favorite genre of food?


7. What has been your favorite birthday?  What did you do that made it so special?

          Last year, my 29th birthday, was amazing, because to celebrate, my dad took me on a road trip to Chicago. SO FUN!!!!

8. What is your favorite song RIGHT NOW?

          HONESTLY, my favorite song at the moment is an original done by @Rizzimyers called “Light in the Dark”  It is AMAZING!! If you’re reading this, STOP…and go check it out. :) Yes, that’s her Twitter handle, and yes, she’s also on Youtube.

9. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

         I’ve always been more of a night owl, but in the past year, I’ve forced myself to become more of a morning person..slightly.   Okay, I’m still grumpy in the mornings, but at least it’s not to the point of “DEATH SCOWL” like it used to be.

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?

          Unwarranted anger.

11. What’s your favorite post you’ve ever written?

         Ummmm……I love ALL MY POSTS the same!!!! ;)


1. If you had a pet dragon, what would you name it?

2. If you had to lose a limb, which one would you choose?

3.  How tall are you; how tall do you WANT to be?

4. What is the craziest thing you’ve done/seen……..in the past month?

5. Which is better: Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

6.  When is the last time you swung on a swing-set?

7.  If a pan-handler has a hilarious sign that literally makes you laugh aloud, would you donate money to that person?

8.  What is one of your guilty pleasures?

9.  What is your favorite time of day…besides 5;00?

10.  If you could have ANY view out your bedroom window, what would it be?

11.  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Okay! PHEW! Done.  Feel free to play along!  OR don’t!  I’m hoping to be entertained by your answers, but don’t worry!  My hopes aren’t raised super high…….just kinda….HI!

Saturday’s Dreaded Lists #leahwouldblog

It has been a rough day for many people today, and in particular, two of my friends.  I debated on whether or not I should post a blog, because I thought that, perhaps, it could be deemed inappropriate.  I mean, how dare I find something to laugh about on a day full of sadness??  But then, it occurred to me—-wouldn’t a day that has so much gloom in it be the MOST IMPORTANT time to find a little laughter?  I say, YES.  And I hope that this elicits at least a small smile, even if today has been horrible.


I remember, as a small child, thinking to myself, “I can’t wait to grow up, because then I won’t have so many chores!”  Ha! 

When I was around  7-8 years old, my mother began giving lists of chores to me and my siblings every Saturday morning (which had to be completed by noon, when she arrived back home from work), plus we had our regular weekly chores.  As an adult, I would probably look at these same lists and chuckle, because I would now know that the WHOLE array of tasks could probably be completed thoroughly in just an hour or so…at MOST. But as a child……..

I can somewhat recall some thoughts that went through my head as soon I read the dreaded list that had been posted on the refrigerator…and the continuing thoughts throughout those mornings……

-“What the Fudge???  How did I get put on LAUNDRY duty again!!!?? I HATE LAUNDRY!!!  I’ll skip it for now.”

-“I’m pretty sure my bathroom doesn’t really need to be cleaned.  Look at it!! I would definitely be willing to eat off that floor!  I mean…I would surely eat off a plate on a placemat on top of a table on that floor!  That orange stuff? Pffsh…I think my tile is just the color-changing kind.  It is FINE.  Here…if I shut the door, NO ONE will even know that I skipped that chore.”  (I would shut the door..stand there thinking about it for five minutes..re-open the door…..and then spray some old perfume in the air and re-shut the door.) ” THERE!  Now, I’m done.”  (Sorry, Mom.  I think I actually did that a few times.)

-“Clean my room?  I thought it WAS clean.”  (There would be some books on the floor…and stuffed animals…and probably a few My Little Pony horses…and at least 10-15 MORE stuffed animals.)  “Oh THAT stuff??  No problem!!”  (As I shoved them all into the corner of my room.)  “There’s the floor!! Perfect!!” (‘The floor’ when you’re a kid is merely a 5×5 foot square that is clear of debris.)

I’d pull a few toys back out…they would have an adventure for 20 minutes….or an hour, depending on which of them needed rescued…and whether or not the stuffed puppies were granted powers to fly.

Then, I’d see that a favorite Saturday cartoon was on, and I’d spend the entire 30 minutes watching the cartoon while “dusting” the family room.

-“Wait…Can I just use this wood polish on the glass parts of the table, too?  Well sure I can!!! Those streaks will blend out when enough people have put their hands on the table….right?…oh look! My favorite commercial!” (Dust rag is left on the table.)

Another hour has passed.

-“Dishes are stupid!  Why are we out of paper plates?  WHO ATE ALL OF MY FAVORITE CEREAL?? I wanted a third bowl of it!  Ewwwwwwwww DISHES are GROSS!!!”

-“Why can’t we have a normal vacuum?” (We had a Rainbow, which worked REALLY well, but consisted of two parts: The head on the hose that you pushed around the floor, and the motor with the tank of water that you dragged behind yourself.)  To vacuum the stairs required the skills of an acrobat.  “I hope this thing works on Legos……Aaaahhhh!! I dropped the vacuum’s motor and tank down the stairs!!!  Stop it! Someone stop it!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!”

When it came to laundry, a load consisted of ALL clothing that could be STUFFED into the washer. With a family of six, one can imagine how much the dirty hamper accrued in a week.  There were two types of loads.  The “white load” and the “everything else” loads.

-“Why the hell are there so many socks?? Who decided a ‘white load’ was legal!  There ARE NO MATCHES!!”  (I would stand and stare at the offensive load of laundry for 10 minutes before folding one item, and then I’d begin staring again, completely overwhelmed and deciding that it was more important that I find what “shapes” could be seen in the different, haphazardly placed clothing, as if it was a giant Rorschach test.) “Oh look!  A white elephant!  It’s holding a sock!”

After about 4-5 hours of working ‘diligently’, it would be time for my mother to return home from work.   I would hear the garage door opening, and at that moment, it was like I was injected with adrenaline! Suddenly, I was folding everything at lightning speed!!  Matching or not, those socks were being stuck together!  And by the time Mom walked through the door, I was “done” with my chores.

Today…Just Today… #leahwouldblog

Today technically began at midnight, and so did my day….sort of. 

Last night, I went to bed around 11:00pm with full intentions of awaking at 4:30, going to the fitness room to jog intervals with Heather, and then to yoga.  Unfortunately, I awoke at about midnight.  Why? No clue. 

Then again around 1:30am.  AND AGAIN, I have no idea why. 

Then at 3:00am, I awoke to find the clock and see that I still had an hour and a half left to “sleep”. 

When 4:30 finally rolled around, I elected to just remain in bed, and it was THEN that I finally fell into deep sleep. 


Needless to say (and yah, I’m saying it anyways), my brain is not at its optimal potential today.  I’m assuming this is why I tried to leave the house without shoes this morning. 

I began walking down the stairs to the garage, purse/lunch/backpack in tow, and just then did I realize that my feet were touching carpet, and I was not as tall as usual. (I wear heels every day.) 

Then, for a brief moment, I actually considered leaving, with that quick thought of, “Do I really NEED shoes at work anyways?”.  Of course, I can’t go to work barefoot, but my slow-for-the-day brain wanted to just walk out the door, because it didn’t want to admit that it forgot something so simple! 


Luckily….I have coffee at work.  :)